Apple Bans Employees To Use Any AI Tools

According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple Inc. has instructed its employees not to utilize external artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT while the company develops similar technology. The use of Microsoft-owned GitHub’s Copilot, which automates software code writing, has also been discouraged by Apple. The company is cautious about the potential leakage of confidential data by employees using AI tools. OpenAI added “incognito mode” to ChatGPT, which doesn’t save conversations or utilize them for AI enhancement.

Amid concerns of an impending recession, Oracle is reportedly planning significant layoffs in 2023. The company has already laid off over 3,000 employees from its recently acquired Cerner business, with the majority of affected employees coming from Cerner, an electronic healthcare records company. Oracle reportedly froze raises and promotions before implementing layoffs, according to insider reports from employees.

Startups face the challenge of verifying images in the AI era, but Google’s lower-tech features may help detect fake images. In response to the increasing prevalence of realistic image manipulation, Google is introducing two new AI-powered picture search capabilities. ‘About this image’ is a new feature providing details on an image’s indexing history and appearances on the internet. Efforts are underway to counter disinformation by addressing the affordability of generating realistic fake images through AI.

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