AI Chatbot with 30 Personalities: Your Next Instagram Friend

In an impressive feat, renowned engineer Alessandro Paluzzi successfully reverse-engineered Instagram's code, uncovering the presence of a new AI chatbot within the platform.

Instagram is reportedly developing an AI chatbot that aims to be a helpful companion, providing answers, advice, and support to users. This clever chatbot will offer a range of 30 different personalities to choose from, enhancing the interactive and engaging experience on the platform. On the other hand, Alessandro Paluzzi, a well-known engineer, discovered the new AI chatbot by reverse-engineering Instagram’s code. He shared his findings in a tweet, revealing that Instagram is actively working on integrating AI Agents (Bots) into chats to create a more enjoyable and interactive user experience. Moreover, these AI Agents will have the capability to respond to questions and offer guidance, offering users a unique and personalized interaction.

Instagram’s Push for Enhanced User Engagement: AI Chatbots in the Works

This development suggests that Instagram is exploring innovative ways to enhance user engagement and foster more meaningful conversations within its platform.

Alessandro Paluzzi’s tweet included a screenshot indicating Instagram’s plan to introduce AI chatbots for a more engaging chat experience. Moreover, The leaked screengrab reveals Instagram’s aim to integrate AI into chats, aligning with their goal of improving user interactions.

Privacy Concerns: Assessing the Impact of AI Chatbots on Snapchat

The reference to Snapchat’s own chatbot version, My AI, is relevant to the topic. Snapchat has already introduced its chatbot, which offers various functionalities such as writing haikus, trip planning, and suggesting birthday gifts. Social media platforms are increasingly adopting AI-powered chatbots to enhance user experiences and provide personalization.

When Snapchat introduced its chatbot, My AI, some users expressed annoyance and felt that it disrupted their overall Snapchat experience. Concerns were raised about the chatbot potentially having access to personal information, including location data.

Meta’s Commitment to AI: Improving Platforms and Ad Solutions

Meta is exploring AI integration across platforms like Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram to enhance user experiences. CEO Mark Zuckerberg has discussed the concept of AI personalities that can provide assistance in various ways. On the other hand, AI is also being utilized to enhance filters and improve advertisements on Instagram.

Meta has provided advertisers with tools like Advantage+ to facilitate audience targeting and automate ad placement across their platforms. Additionally, they are developing ways for advertisers to create and test ads using AI technology. Meta’s initiatives showcase its dedication to utilizing AI to improve user experiences and offer better advertising solutions.