$15M Investing Frenzy: Binance Labs Unleashes AI-Driven Game Experience with Xterio!

It looks like Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, is determined to make its mark in the gaming industry. In a move that is sure to excite many gamers, Binance Labs, the investment arm of Binance, has just committed to investing $15 million into Xterio, a Web3 game platform and publisher.

Binance Labs Invests in Xterio’s Vision for Blockchain Gaming

This big money injection will help Xterio further its development of artificial intelligence (AI) integration and optimize its game and technology development, which could eventually lead to the launch of its own token. The company hopes this will help bridge the gap between free-to-play titles and blockchain gaming.

Xterio is one of many gaming projects that Binance Labs has invested in its immense portfolio. Xterio previously raised a significant $40 million round in August 2022, co-led by Makers Fund, XPLA and FTX. Binance Labs exhibits a keen interest in Xterio’s vision to revolutionize gaming through free-to-play genres, on-chain gameplay, and AI. This could be the start of something special.

Xterio Allocates $15 Million Investment to Develop AI Toolkit

Yi He, the co-founder of Binance and head of Binance Labs, expressed his excitement in the statement and said, “The Xterio ecosystem is expanding faster than ever and bridges free-to-play genres with on-chain gaming enhanced by AI capabilities. The Xterio core team brings together experienced Web2 professionals with Web3 expertise; we look forward to closely working with them to allow gamers around the world to experience rich on-chain gameplay.”

Xterio is allocating the $15 million investment from Binance Labs towards the development of its AI toolkit. This toolkit aims to generate high-quality 2D and 3D assets consistently. Xterio is leveraging the investment to enhance its AI-driven interactive experiences and explore its potential further. These endeavors highlight Xterio’s commitment to technological innovation and the advancement of AI-driven gaming experiences. Xterio aims to usher in a new era in the gaming industry, providing enhanced experiences for gamers worldwide.

Xterio’s Integration into BNB Chain Ecosystem and Support from Binance

As part of the strategic partnership, Xterio’s token will become integrated into the BNB Chain ecosystem. In addition to its support for Xterio’s growth, Binance Labs is actively involved in the development of the company’s games. Xterio and Binance Labs collaborate to innovate and create engaging gaming experiences in the blockchain gaming sector.

Xterio’s entry into the gaming industry, backed by exchanges and investors, adds an intriguing dynamic to the market. The vast potential of Xterio and its ambitious plan to revolutionize the gaming industry cannot be overlooked. Xterio, backed by Binance, plans to make its mark in the blockchain gaming space with innovative AI-driven interactive experiences. The combination of these technologies holds promising possibilities for immersive and innovative gaming experiences in the future.

With Binance’s support, Xterio has the opportunity to make a significant impact in the blockchain gaming industry. With the $15 million investment from Binance Labs, the future of Xterio is looking brighter than ever.

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