DASH at $72.225 USD, X11 Miners sold out

DASH is now at $72 USD. DASH has proven the naysayers and bubble predictors wrong, over the past few hours the crypto-currency has almost increased by 50%  from $48 to $72.

DASH at 72 USD

When DASH increased to $40, there were a lot of speculation that there was a price bubble and the currency will fall down to previous values in the $12-15 range. However, this is clearly not the case. The cryptocurrency is taking another rocket ship ride to space and is increase in value yet again.

Bitcoin’s Loss is DASH’s Gain

Bitcoin has just experienced a major setback. The SEC has just denied Bitcoin’s application for for the Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust ETF. This is a major loss for Bitcoin Traders, as investors were looking forward to trading Bitcoins without the use of a wallet.

Other Reasons why DASH is on the rise

There is no conclusive reason for the rise in value. Some speculate it is because DASH gaining recognition and being listed on more trade exchanges. It is now holds the third highest market capital out of all the crypto-currencies.

Another reason for DASH’s rise to power is the recent wave of investment into crypto currencies. ETH, Ethereum has double in value over the past month to $22 USD from $10. Bitcoin has also risen to above $1000 levels. It seems that 2017 is a year of the crypto currency. DASH has grown the most out of the currencies, and this is most likely due to its unique privacy aspect.

X11 Miners are sold out

After the phenomenal rise, we took to find out if it is still possible to buy X11 miners to cash in on DASH’s rise. The short answer: X11 miners are sold out. We contacted Baikal, which produces a wide range of X11 miners that could be used to mine DASH. It seems that all units are sold out! With the global shortage of miners, DASH mining difficulty will probably stay constant over the next few months until production resumes.

Genesis Mining X11 Cloud Contracts are sold out

With this growth in DASH value comes interest in DASH mining. There is so much interest that Genesis mining has run out of DASH contracts. Right now there is no more has power left to purchase. Those interested in mining can check out the new Ether mining contract.  You can also sign up for our newsletter and we will inform you when DASH contracts are available again.

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