Hashflare’s response to Halving

Dear users,

We would like to remind you that this weekend Bitcoin mining reward will bereduced by 50%. This process, namely halving, is a part of Bitcoin system script and occurs every 210 000 blocks. The last halving was 4 years ago and the block reward went down to 25 BTC from 50 BTC.

The halving will occur on Saturday, approximately at 20:30 (UTC+3). This means that the whole Bitcoin network will start getting a reduced mining reward. This will also be reflected in the payout you will receive on Monday.

However, our team has been getting ready for this event for a couple of months already. We are happy to announce that we are currently preparing and installingnew, more energy-efficient SHA-256 hardware.

We are putting a lot of effort from our side to keep BTC mining profitable. In the nearest future we will be able to reduce the cost of electricity, lowering the electricity fees for SHA-256 contacts in HashFlare as a result.

We work hard to make our service better and we hope that our efforts make your cooperation with us more profitable and enjoyable.

HashFlare Team

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