Genesis Mining Profit Jumps by 45%

Recently Genesis mining profit increased by a massive 45%. We have been following the genesis mining payouts between 25 of May 2016 to 20th of June 2016, and have noticed a steady increase in daily bitcoin payouts. This means we are actually getting more bitcoins per hash.

Genesis Mining Payout
Genesis Mining Payout

What this Increase in Genesis Mining Profits Means:

On top of this, cloud miners are paid in bitcoins, a rise in bitcoin prices means even more profits! In essence, there is greater bitcoin payout AND greater value for the payout.

Mining profits are on the rise because the fees associated to bitcoin mining is pegged to the US dollar whilst mining profits are depend on bitcoin price. As bitcoin prices rises to the dollar, profits also rise (see the genesis mining review for more calculation details)

Updated Return on Investment:

Currently the monthly profit for 1 TH/s on Genesis mining is at $50 USD. As the cost of mining has remained the same at $190 USD per 1 TH/s, this means the current annual ROI is 300%!

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  1. its awesome news but will it be great choice if I am opting for 500 GHs for lifetime and 100% BTC allocation how much bitcoins i can probably mine on daily basis?

    1. Right now you will get around 0.0007 BTC a day for 500 GHs rate. Remember that the Halvening will happen soon so the profit might drop a considerable bit (up to 60% drop in profitability) (11 Days to go)

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