Dash hits all time high of 44.39 USD, skyrockets 50% in 3 days


Hold on to your seatbelts, the value of DASH has skyrocketed to $44 USD (up from $12 USD in Janurary). Recently the is explosive growth in value, with a 50% increase in the past 3 days alone. Check out the data from the graph below:

It is plenty clear that there is a sudden interest in DASH. DASH is a crypto currency similar to bitcoin, with two major differences. First of all DASH is maintained by a company and not the community, with 10% of all DASH generated going to the DASH team. Secondly DASH has major enhancements on privacy, making transaction information more private than bitcoin.

DASH is now the third ranked crypto currency market capitalization, beating both Ripple and Litecoin.

Reasons for DASH’s rise in value

DASH’s sudden popularity might be pinpointed to the overall popularity of cryptocurrency. Almost all Currencies are experiencing growth.

Impact on Cloud mining (Genesis mining contracts)

The surge in DASH value will definitely have an impact on X11 genesis mining. This is because the value of the mining product (DASH) has increased, thereby increasing the rate of return (ROI) of the contract.

You can read more about X11 Genesis-mining here. 


  1. Dash isn’t maintained by a “company” it is maintained by the community. I owed multiple dash masternodes. When you have 1000 dash you get one vote.

    These votes makes up where the 10% goes.

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